The World Gold Council (WGC) approached FraserCRE to assist them in a project to refresh the entire working practices of the WGC, which included updating their image and premises, primarily through the re-location of their headquarters.

FraserCRE's brief comprised four parts:

  • Write a board paper, justifying the move to new and more contemporary premises as part of the re-positioning of WGC. This included an evaluation of the likely cost to dispose of their existing office lease alongside the cost of new premises and the fit out.
  • Identify & secure best terms on new premises including a search of all available premises, preparation of a short list and negotiation of the lease.
  • Run "Design & Build" process to fit out new office.
  • Negotiate exit from lease of old office for less than provision.

From the start, FraserCRE understood my need to bring on side my colleagues. Their detailed plan and budget gave me the tools that I needed to succeed. Three years on I'm still getting compliments for the job done.

Jeanette Gooding
Managing Director of Operations
World Gold Council